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This is an alt text of a woman with voluminous, dark wavy hair.


One of the more popular hairstyles right now for people with longer hair is spiral perms. At J’s Chic Hair, we can give you a beautiful perm that will set your hair into perfect curls. A perm is a process where your hairstylist treats your hair to alter the structure and permanently wave or curl your hair. It’s a complex process that requires precision and care, so don’t risk undertaking it yourself and damaging your hair. Trust a professional to give you results that you’ll love! You won’t have to risk weighing down your long hair or using uneven solution when you put your hair into our capable hands. If you want to add more character and body to your hair, we can give you your desired curls or beach waves, enabling you to enjoy some curls without your hair going flat at the end of the day. We can provide you with roller sets, rod sets, and more. With our hair services, we can treat short, medium, and long hair, and we can take on the most challenging of styles to make your hair look exactly the way you want. We know the perfect way to make everyone look their very best. Book an appointment at our beauty salon in Arlington, TX, for hair care and amazing curls.

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